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About us

We approach our work as artisans and craftspeople. Our cakes are lighter than ordinary cakes. We highlight fine and expensive ingredients: fruits, nuts, chocolate, and natural flavorings like Bourbon vanilla, leaving modest amounts of sugars to play a supporting role. We choose ingredients and flavorings based on their taste, freshness, beauty, seasonality, and nutritional value. We use real butter and milk fats in our cakes, not artificially-hydrogenated oil. We feature fresh, local, seasonal ingredients.

Enjoyed in moderation, our cakes are a more pleasurable and more nutritious alternative to most of those that are commonly available.


About Dawn Ki

I began baking shortly after my first daughter, who is now 14, was born. I grew up in Korea where cafe and bakery culture is very popular and diverse. I wanted to make pretty cakes made with natural ingredients for family birthdays.

Over the years, my calendar slowly filled up with reminders of the birthdays of my family and friends. And my cakes became more unique with designs and flavors that stood out from the cakes one could find in bakeries around. Still, baking had just been a hobby. I only gave my cakes as a personal gift.

In 2014, I organized a bake sale in our church to help fund a school bus for a missionary in Africa. In a couple of weeks, we raised around $3000. I received lots of positive feedbacks. Soon, people began reaching out to place orders for my cake. I have been a home baker since. And I often dreamt of having my own shop someday.

2020, as for all of us, was a challenging time. As an ICU nurse, I have had firsthand experience with the horrible impact of the COVID-19. My job had become increasingly arduous and mentally draining. Still, I tore myself out of my bed each morning and put on my scrub and mask, headed into the hospital.

However, at the end of August, we lost my father-in-law to COVID-19. It was heartbreaking. He really loved me like his own. And he was only 67. I couldn’t continue my work as a nurse. I came to face the fact that life is too short and unpredictable.

So I decided to pursue my dream and open a bakery. It was a conflicting decision. It made little sense to open a business during a pandemic. I read that many bakeries nearby were closing down due to quarantine and lost customers. But I was confident that I had developed a loyal customer base over the years in my home baking business. With a leap of faith, I signed a lease in a strip mall near my home.

I gathered all the notes and images that have accumulated over the years brainstorming about my dream bakery. With the help of my husband, we were able to open Whipped mid January 2021. Thanks to the generous support from nearby neighbors and social media, we are experiencing a modest success today. The greatest joy is seeing the expressions of our customers after they taste our product. The widening of the eyes and suspicious chuckles…. It’s a hard work. But the joy I feel is more than worth it.

As seen on Voyage Austin

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